Fish and chips in London at ffionas Restaurant Kensington.

Mention fish and chips to anyone, anywhere in the world and they will immediately think of England. It used to be our national dish and although it may have been officially replaced by curry, in the hearts and minds of the world… fish and chips remain quintessentially English.

For British fish and chips you need look no further than Ffiona’s in Kensington, London. Here, we follow the established recipes to produce a meal that honours the best traditions of this wonderful meal.

The batter should be crisp and golden and should give way to snowy, white fish (cod or haddock are favourites) which in turn should be firm and fall into thick flakes as your fork cuts through. The chips need to be golden brown; crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. No fish and chip supper would be complete without a good helping of mushy peas together with a generous dollop of homemade tartare sauce. With Ffiona’s fish and chips in Kensington, all these elements come together to produce a feast fit for a king.

In the past I have found it hard to locate good quality fish and chips in the Kensington / Notting Hill area, so with this in mind I decided to add this British stalwart to our menu. Sadly it doesn’t come wrapped in newspaper but it has fast become a favourite with all our customers, both to eat in or to take away. So, for the best fish and chips in London, it has to be ffiona’s!

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