So here we go again…

So here we go again…

a new year,

a fresh page,

a time for reflection and resolution.


Personally, I think that this year the buzz word will be ‘mindfulness’ . Mindful of how we treat and respond to others and of how we treat ourselves.

Think before you act, tread softy and let kindness be your watchword.

Here at ffionas we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs over 2016. Behind the scenes a lot went on but … we survived!
This crazy business has taught me many life lessons, but above all else it’s taught me that nothing is set in stone – shit happens – and normally at the worst possible time.

I listened to the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. She spoke of how it’s the small acts of kindness, the unseen and the unsung heroes that add up and make a real difference to our world, and she’s right.
Life can be tough, that’s a given but when it’s good, it’s joyful and that’s what we live for, the good times.

If I had to make a resolution it would simply be this …

“Work hard and be kind”

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