Birthday Girl!

On September 30th 1993 I laid up the tables and opened the doors at Ffiona’s.

A giant leap of faith.

Over the years I’ve made so many friends and enjoyed many great nights and some very early mornings!

I’ve served thousands upon thousands of people, had way too much fun and sometimes way too much booze on a few occasions! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

I’ve worked with many talented people and one or two not so talented people!
I could write a book but nobody would believe it.

I’ve had my moments … good and bad, but I’m still here. So is my amazing chef Jose da Silva (22 years of service) and my wonderful sister.

So roll on our quarter century in 2018.
Thank you – all of you, for your support, belief, friendship and love… for simply being part of it all.

Here’s to Friday 30th September 2016 – we will be raising a glass or two to the last 23yrs and of course … looking to the future.ffionas

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