Birthday Brunch

So here it is….

6 Yrs ago today our brunch was born and oh boy it was a painful labour!

I mean just how do you poach eggs 🍳 for πŸ’― people and keep the yolks dippy?

Today we served 138 people (we have 8 tables)BOOM πŸ’₯.

Just 5 people make this happen – yep you heard it right..Β 5!

2 of us run the floor and run a ton of food and plates up and down the stairs whilst 2 cook up a storm β›ˆ and 1 washes everything up!Β 

That’s IT!

We run a tight 🚒 ship.

Upstairs around lunchtime we shoot “mini marys” to πŸ”₯ us up to keep onΒ  running whilst down in the kitchen they eat “emergency pancakes” dipped in toffee sauce for a energy boost!

Streamlined service by dedicated, extremely talented people. Who continue to amaze me every week.

We reckon we can top 150 so come on guys get on down here and be part of it … come brunch with us.

Let’s break some eggg and records!

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