Baking is the new Black

It’s über trendy, très sexy and everybody whose anybody is doing it!

It’s official…baking is the new black.

From delicate macaroons in every pastel shade or meringues as white as the Pope’s new robes to robust pies, pasties and suet puddings, there is something for everyone. Whatever your level of culinary proficiency or dietary needs there is a recipe for you, a particular creation that becomes “yours”.

There is something quite magical about baking that banishes the blues. Standing in the kitchen weighing and measuring the fresh ingredients and then transforming them into something delicious and nutritious is an act of love…and magic. How amazing to see a bowl of flour, sugar, eggs and butter transformed into a Victoria sponge worthy of the Women’s Institute.


Even better is to find an old family recipe and try it out: Sussex Pond Pudding was a revelation and my grandmother’s lemon curd now lives on. For me, baking has provided a link to my past and a sense of continuity that is so very satisfying.

Shows like The Great British Bake Off with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry have been instrumental in encouraging people back into their kitchens. So why not join the trend? Home baking is hip!

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